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Winter 21-22 League Tryouts

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BYB Fall Skills & Scrimmage Academy

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We're Happy to Be Back on The Hardwood!

To celebrate the return to school and our upcoming season, BYB is happy to offer an exciting and fun event at the NOW Arena (formerly Sears Center) on Wednesday 8/24.  BYB Coach Hudson will conduct a FUN and FREE workout for all interested players in grades 5-8.  Sessions will include drills on ball-handling, shooting, and conclude with Coach Hudson’s “Steal the Bacon” Scrimmage which is always a player favorite!  BYB will also be on hand to answer any questions from parents. 

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Barrington Youth Basketball

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Winter League 21-22

BYB will plan on offering both “A” and “B” (Red or White) teams by grade level . Many BYB parents may ask, what’s the difference in one team vs. another?  Simply put, the 5 S’s of Size, Speed, Strength, Skills, and Smarts all play a role.  A player can control all but one of those.  As a youth basketball program, our objective is to prepare the player for their next 12 months of basketball.  Nothing beyond that.  It’s a good opportunity to ask players and communicate about basketball expectations.  There are several solid feeder programs in the area (Rolling Meadows, Hersey, and Prospect to name a few) and it’s no coincidence these high school programs excel as a result.  Providing school friends the opportunity to play TOGETHER competitively at a younger age only strengthens the feeder model.  

I look forward to continuing to lead the BYB program in 2021 and beyond.  Many assume I plan to step away after next season, however those people don’t know me well enough or know just how much fun this is!  Although I never actively sought out this specific responsibility, our community deserves it now more than ever as it’s simply more than just a game to me…


Hammond Meuer (Meyer)

President-Barrington Youth Basketball