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BYB 2021/22 "One Shining Moment" Video

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BYB Tryout Information

BYB Winter Tryouts

Barrington Youth Basketball Winter 2023-24 Tryouts 

Registration Deadline: Friday, September 8th 

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Tryout Information - What to wear, what to bring and what to expect...

As a reminder, players are to wear any BYB game or practice jersey WITH NUMBER to differentiate during BOTH tryouts on Monday, 9/11 and Monday, 9/18. 

**IMPORTANT** For those who are new to BYB and do not have a BYB jersey, please have your child wear the same NUMBERED jersey to BOTH tryout sessions.

Players should bring their own PROPERLY INFLATED basketball WITH NAME CLEARLY LABELED, proper athletic shoes, and water.  28.5 inch basketballs will be used for grades 3-5, and standard regulation 29.5 inch diameter for grades 6-8. 

Parents are invited to attend and observe, although space will be limited.  


BYB will have all 4 gyms at Canlan for the 6:00 pm session.  Please have your player report to the following court...

Grade 3- Court #1

Grade 4- Court #2 and #3 (Players will be directed by evaluators or BYB parent volunteers to a specific Court upon arrival based on last name.)

Grade 5- Court #4

BYB parent volunteers will be available to direct players to the proper court.  

We kindly request grades 3-5 depart promptly at 7:15pm as we begin our second set of evaluations for grades 6-8. 

BYB 2023/24 Winter League Information

Who can play for Barrington Youth Basketball (BYB)?

Barrington Youth Basketball is open to 3rd through 8th grade boys who live within the Barrington 220 School District boundaries (aka "Feeder")

What sort of commitment can I expect with BYB?  


During the course of the season it is very important that BYB be prioritized above other sports. Attendance to practices and games are crucial to the development of each player's skills and understanding of the team concept and capabilities.

Skills and Team Practices

Final skills and practice times will be announced in October once rosters are finalized. Teams will have team practice twice a week and additional skills training MAY BE added throughout the course of the season.

Games (League and Tournament)

Typically playing a game(s) each weekend from mid November - early March.  Games are scheduled with teams who play at a comparable competitive level, potentially from different leagues. These games may include home games, away games at neighboring communities as well as weekend tournaments where a larger variety of competition can be found.  Nearly all of our games are within an hour travel time. 

How many players are rostered on a team?

8-10 players per team, depending on turnout and interest.

How are teams selected?

BYB will plan on offering both “A” and “B” teams by grade level and actual placement of each BYB team within an appropriate division and competitive league will also be slotted in Fall ‘23, perhaps after participation in some early season tournaments.  

Many BYB parents may ask, what’s the difference in one team vs. another?  Simply put, the 5 S’s of Size, Speed, Strength, Skills, and Smarts all play a role.  A player can control all but one of those.  Within the BYB program, our objective is to prepare the player for their next 12 months of basketball.  Nothing beyond that.  It’s a good opportunity to ask players and communicate about basketball expectations for the upcoming season.  Providing school friends the opportunity to play TOGETHER AND COMPETITIVELY at a younger age only strengthens our BYB program and it’s an excellent option for the first year travel player who may have excelled at the recreational level and wants to be more challenged.  As a parent-run organization, BYB also takes a year-by-year approach within the world of competitive youth sports and commits to working hard in developing a positive experience for each player and family one season at a time.

Should players plan to try out for their middle school basketball team at Prairie or Station Middle School, starting them in a competitive travel league like BYB is a very good start.  Skill development, including non-dominant hand, offensive/ defensive fundamentals, shooting, proper footwork and mindset are all emphasized at EVERY LEVEL of the BYB program.  Our off-season sessions (Fall, Spring and Summer) are flexible enough to allow all players in grades 3-8 both boys and girls to continue working on their game while still playing other sports which BYB recognizes as important to the overall youth athlete.  We encourage parent attendance at practice and to continue to learn how best to reinforce good practice habits for their child.

How many teams are formed at each level?

We are committed to doing our best to support two teams at each grade level (grades 4-8) and at minimum one team at 3rd grade. Contingent on available court access, our goal is to provide each team an opportunity for at least two practices a week.  A third team at any level will only be considered if additional gym time/ coaches are available or can be located.   The decision on number of teams will be determined at tryouts or beforehand if possible. 

How is playing time determined? 

Our goal is to provide opportunity for all players to develop game-time experiences.   BYB will teach fundamental offensive and defensive basketball skills, along with team concepts, to better prepare our players to play the game at a competitive level.  Assuming players are participating in practices, paying attention and working hard at improving their basketball skills, every effort will be made to balance playing time.   Individual games may be affected by match-ups or composition of our own players but the expectation of overall season playing time can range between 35%-65% depending upon individual team assignments.   

Over the course of a season, we strive to offer balanced playing time for each player.  This can be achieved only when players are placed in the best situation to succeed and we have full participation in practice sessions.  If you find your player is clearly falling outside these guidelines, please contact BYB Head Coach Coach Hudson.  

How much does the BYB program cost?  

2023-2024 rates will be posted here soon.

Tryout registration fee of $20 per player will cover court costs and professional evaluator fees for player and roster selection.  

The player cost for the season is based on the number of games and tournaments played and includes officiating, gym time for games and practices, insurance, and tournament admission fees.  BYB aims to provide over 100 hours of training, games, and practices throughout the 3.5 month season.  

BYB is a non-for-profit 501(c)3 community organization serving Barrington families.